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After years of studying Facebook Marketing, I’ve managed to:

  • Earn $1000+ by spending $40 on Facebook Ads several months in a row
  • Use Facebook ads to attract leads at $1.50 per lead or less in almost every industry
  • Use Facebook ads to get 1000's of TARGETED Fans for fractions of pennies
  • Make over $1800 in sales in a couple days from a single Facebook update (a technique that my students used to generate similar results)
  • Build a really strong Facebook presence using Facebook Ads spending only $1 a day!

I’ve also consulted with Small Businesses and helped them:

  • Get 3,000+ downloads for their free ebook in under 3 months
  • Earn $25,000 in one summer using my carefully developed strategies for a brand new one-person business
  • I’ve helped businesses generate 1000’s of new Fans in just a few short weeks spending only PENNIES per Fan using Facebook Ads
  • And unexpectedly helped one student have lunch with a major Canadian celebrity, and get featured on!

The results I’ve achieved is a measure of what effective Facebook Marketing can do for YOUR business

But as you've probably experienced for yourself, achieving success on Facebook can be easier said than done, either due to the lack of correct information, information overload, or the limited amount of time you have as a business owner.

I was lucky back then...

I was helping businesses with their online marketing and Facebook was becoming a big part of the “Internet”. I was under the pressure to stay relevant so I had to make time to find out what really works with Facebook marketing.

I know that most small business owners probably don’t have that kind of time to spare.

So I wanted to create a solution for this.

I wanted to create a simple solution to help smart, but overwhelmed and frustrated small business owners to quickly use Facebook marketing to generate leads for their business.

Yes, you read that right!

All you need to do to gain access to these recordings is to pay $147.

Click on the "Profit from Facebook" button below to get access now.

To make this investment risk free, I’ve decided to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

You get 30 days to watch the entire program, if you don’t think that what you learned was worth your money, I INSIST that you email me for a full refund.

You see, I got into teaching social media because I want to help businesses grow. I get immense satisfaction when my students or clients get real results, and it is this satisfaction that keeps me going.

If I don’t deliver on what I promise, I don’t feel satisfied, and I don’t want to take your money.

So after you watch the program if you feel that Facebook for Brands did not deliver as promised, please do not feel shy to email me for a 100% refund.

As thousands of small businesses around the world have already proven, Facebook marketing can bring tremendous results when done right.

But the fact is that many small businesses are still struggling to make Facebook work for their business!

So the faster you use Facebook to reach out to your customers, the better.

Because when you establish that strong Facebook presence after watching Facebook for Brands, you’ll have an advantage that can be difficult for your competitors to overcome.

Since Facebook went public, they have progressively been growing their Advertising clients. They are now adding new features like advanced "Insights " to help small businesses understand their networks and use Facebook to get more customers.

Now is the time to master Facebook marketing, and gain a leg up on your competitors.

Use the "Profit from Facebook" button below, and join the 100's of other business professionals that are getting lots of REAL value from the Facebook for Brands Workshop.


I look forward to hearing your success stories!

Matt Astifan




PS: What I learned about Facebook took me years to figure out. This is the only chance for you to get everything I’ve tested, what works and what doesn’t work, presented to you with nothing held back. This is the exact course I would purchase if I wanted to increase my fans, engagement and conversions with Facebook Marketing.

PPS: I created Facebook for brands to help you get results as quickly as possible, and that is only possible when you take action quickly.

After you purchase this program you are part of my community which means you can email me questions and join over 100 business professionals inside our private Facebook for Brands Group.

You Have To Take Action To Get Results…

At this point there really isn't much else I can say.

If you scroll down, you'll see the "Profit from Facebook" button that will allow you to purchase this program. As soon as you purchase the program you will be directed to our Membership Site and you can start watching the videos from home today.

Yes! Matt, I want to "get-it"

Please enroll me in the...

Class Type: HD Video
 Level: Beginner/Intermediate (some advanced portions)
 ‚Äč8 hours
Access: Online

Profit from Facebook

Just One Payement of $147
Full Money Back Guarantee

Here's an email I received from one of my students that got over 11,000 fans after attending the workshop...

You’ll see that $147 is an amount that EASILY pays for itself

Profit from Facebook

Just One Payment of $147
Full Money Back Guarantee

I'm happy to finally release the online edition to my Facebook for Brands Workshop!

Get the industry proven formula to generate HIGHLY targeted leads at the lowest cost

Get more fans to Comment and Like your Pages most recent posts

Easy and free ways to get more Likes using the advanced Facebook Page tools

Why your  Post Views have decreased and how to get it them back immediately


Discover how to eliminate Facebook's "EdgeRank" algorithm and reach all your fans with every post!

Discover the “sneaky” techniques used by industry professionals to turn your fans into customers with Facebook Advertising

How to build your email list & INFLUENCE with a simple Facebook Contest

Patrick wrote:

“Hi Matt, I'm currently running 5 total ads and spent only $27.00 to generate all this interest...the numbers just keep going up and up! I've received a bunch of positive messages and no negative so far. Very encouraging for the start of my online venture! I'd be interested in knowing what you this a normal response for a few $1.00 adds?”
Patrick was using the exact techniques I showed him in the Facebook For Brands Workshop and getting THOUSANDS of targeted fans for pennies!
He knew his fans demographics and what they were passionate about and designed Facebook Ads that engaged them.
Here is what he wrote on his wall:
Before attending the Facebook for Brands Workshop Patrick had only 197 fans, today he has over 11,000!

Do you want to know exactly how he did it? Purchase the Facebook for Brands Workshop and watch Module #10 to learn all about Facebook Advertising.


::: CREATED BY :::
Facebook Marketing Expert Matt Astifan

"I am on a mission to untangle the complex web of social media for my business clients. I run regular workshops showing them how to build brand exposure using social networking sites like Facebook.
I have spent my career building solid, long-term business relationships. After continually encountering businesspeople bewildered by Internet technology, I decided to apply my tech and business networking experience to social media, and founded Web Friendly, a company that teaches a smart approach to this online phenomenon.
In its early days, Internet marketing was purely a numbers game, but things have evolved. Social media capitalizes on the quality and longevity of online relationships, rather than on mere volume. I understand these nuances, and I apply that knowledge to help clients produce tangible results."

Here's exactly what you get in this program:

Intro Part A:
Creating Your Reality Show

Intro Part B:
Gamification Of Facebook

Intro Part C:
Branding VS Direct Response Marketing 

Intro Part D:
Generating Content For Goodwill

Intro Part E:
Building Trust And Goodwill With Your Social Network


Bonus #1:
A Great Brand Gets Attention An Irresistible Brand Keeps It, with Dave Childs

Bonus #2:
How to Use Facebook to Drive Revenues, Referrals, and Brand Positioning, with Nick Unsworth

Bonus #3:
Leveraging Contests For Leads And Influence, with Travis Ketchum


All of this equates to over 8 hours of top-level Facebook Marketing training incuding a full 1 hour video on Facebook Advertising which details a dollar-a-day advertising blueprint every business should know.

Each module is a live presentation recorded from the Facebook for Brands Workshop which took place on January 2013 in Vancouver, BC.

You get instant access to the entire course after you complete payment.

Module 1:
Brand Pages VS Personal Profile Pages

Module 2:
Creating A Page And Page Features + PDF “Facebook Cheat Sheet”

Module 3:
Person Profile Settings And Privacy
Module 4:
EdgeRank - The Science Behind Facebook Visibility 

Module 5:
The Seven Principles Of Fan Engagement + “Creating Your Content Calendar [exercise]

Module 6:
Easy And Free Ways To Get More Likes


Module 7:
Facebook Apps & Tabs 

Apps & Tabs Bonus #1:
How Broadband TV Uses Short Stack For Facebook, with Karen Young Chester

Apps & Tabs Bonus #2:
Wishpond Presents Their Suite Of Apps


Module 8:
Know Your Acquisition Cost And Lifetime Value

Module 9:
Creating A Great Promotion

Module 10:
Get More Fans, Engagement and Conversions With Facebook Advertising








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Facebook Just Made It Easier To Get... MORE Fans, MORE Engagement & MORE ConversionsAnd I'm Going To Show You How...